BELAY commenced its operations in 2004.

We were one of the first companies in Slovakia to engage in training and education activities in the field of safety protection of persons working at height and to offer services as mountaineering technique instructors.

It clearly follows from the company’s scope of business that its customer base comprises mainly construction workers and young sports-oriented people interested in mountaineering and caving.

The company set up a training facility under the Act No 124/2006, based on which it obtained an authorisation from the National Labour Inspection Service permitting the company to conduct its specific business.

BELAY cooperates with four certified trainers who pursue their training activities in the Districts of Žilina, Trenèín, Poprad and Nitra.

BELAY also engages in building renovation, reconstruction and maintenance projects that involve working at height and require the use of mountaineering techniques and equipment.

Another important part of the company’s business is sale of personal protection equipment, periodical inspection of such equipment by persons having the manufacturer’s authorisation, and designing appropriate safety systems and working procedures to ensure safety in works carried out at height.